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This year’s Maker Faire exhibits ranged from woodcrafters and mapmakers to high-tech developers and NASA specialists. Young Makers from all walks of life interacted with 3-D printers, circuit boards, robots, virtual reality, woodworking, and wide variety of arts and crafts. KID Museum ran workshops on soldering, DIY Pachinko/woodshop, coding, wind tubes, hula-hoop weaving, and Pi-Bots. Participants were encouraged to interact and play with the exhibits and, more often than not, kids were allowed to take home what they created!

Thank you to all who came out to this year’s Maker Faire Silver Spring and a special thank you to all of the organizations and Young Makers who helped make this our most successful Maker Faire yet: WHS Competition Robots, STEM Afterschool Academy, We the Builders Sculptures & 3D Jewelry, eCYBERMISSIONRockville Science Center, Chaotron Kinetic Sculptures, Gearbox 4H Club Robotics, Catylator Makerspace, Science Naturally, Glenelg Country School Makers, The Pi-Bot, Cutey, FutureMakers, Team America Rocketry Challenge, Strikey Sensors, Little Code Ninja, Arduino Quiz Game & Bluetooth Car, Robots and Music with Woods Academy, RM Environmental Club, Robots with St. Elizabeth’s School, FTC 5421 RM’d and Dangerous, RMageddon, Mindstorm Masterminds, Rockville Robotics, RM Robotics, VEX, Recycled Boat and more!

We hope to see all of you again next year!