Day Camps

A day off of school means an opportunity for making! Robotics, arcade games, world exploration, and more await you at this winter’s new Day Camps.

Spring Break Day Camps for Grades 1-2 & 3-5
April 7, 8, 9 & 29 | 9am – 4pm
Members $85 | Non-Members $95

Visit our Policies page for information on grade levels, cancellations, and more. Please fill out our Spring Day Camp form before attending camp.

Tuesday, April 7

1st – 2nd Grade | Aeronautica

3, 2, 1… lift off! Leave the ground behind as we launch into the sky. Build and test different types of flying creations that work in different ways, including bike pump rockets, spinning propellors, and more!

3rd – 5th Grade | Spy KIDs

Make your own spy gadgets like a hidden Morse code device or secret flashlight. Then we’ll learn how to write and decode secret messages. At the end of the day you’ll be a real secret agent!

Wednesday, April 8

1st – 2nd Grade | KID Arcade Jr.

Come on down to the KID Arcade! Learn new maker skills as you build your own versions of classic arcade games, and design your own custom games. Invite your family to come and play in our mini arcade at the end of the day!

3rd – 5th Grade | Planeteers

Get ready for Earth Day with fun maker projects! Reduce plastic use by making your own reusable food wraps, tackle environmental problems through coding, and harness the power of solar energy to make sustainable electronic creations.

Thursday, April 9

1st – 2nd Grade | Circuits and Robots

Spark your interest in electricity and robotics! Learn about circuits by making light-up art, practice coding with KIBO and Ozobots, and build your own moving “robot” to take home.

3rd – 5th Grade | Transportation of the Future

It’s time to think like a future engineer. Experiment with solar power, wind power, and magnetic levitation tech as we make energy efficient vehicles. Use design processes to maximize efficiency and performance. Then test your creations with wind tunnels, scales, and electronic equipment.

Tuesday, April 28 (MCPS Day Off)

1st – 2nd Grade | Nature Makers

Let nature inspire your creativity! Spend the day creating amazing maker projects with all-natural materials. Join us for this one-day preview of our popular Nature Makers summer camp!

3rd – 5th Grade | Space KIDs

Think like a NASA engineer at KID Museum’s NASA STEM Innovation Lab Outpost in this one-day version of our SOLD OUT summer camp! Learn the basics about technologies used by space scientists and aeronautic engineers, such as 3D modeling, coding, and electronic engineering.

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