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Partnering with educators to deliver high-impact, maker-based learning curriculum.


KID Museum’s Maker Learning Professional Development Program was created to fuel a passion for hands-on, project-based learning, while building teacher capacity for delivering it.

Grounded in KID Museum’s “Mind of a Maker” framework, the program includes professional development sessions, individualized coaching, and a series of hands-on maker learning experiences that are aligned to district curricula. Teachers will also have the opportunity to share best practices for maker learning in a virtual setting with fellow instructors and become a part of a network of teacher champions, both within their schools and across the region.

Contact us at if you are interested in scheduling KID Museum Maker Learning Professional Development for your school or teachers.

“Maker learning engages students in a way that cannot be taught in a textbook.”

– Scott Murphy, Director of College and Career Readiness & Districtwide Programs, Montgomery County Public Schools

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