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Make an impact in your community!

Teen Programs at KID Museum

Hone your maker skills and learn from industry professionals as a Teen Innovator, delve into an area of interest as a KID Museum Intern, or help facilitate programming for museum visitors while earning SSL hours through our Teen Volunteer Program.

Make an impact in your community and develop your own skills as you inspire younger kids to invent the future. There are so many ways to get involved at KID Museum. Find the Teen Program that’s right for you!

KID Museum Teen Programs begin with rising 9th graders, ages 14 and older.

Teen Volunteers

Interested in supporting fun and engaging maker-based learning for families while earning SSL hours?


Teen Innovators

Interested in developing deeper maker skill sets, learning from industry mentors as well as your peers, and being exposed to different career exploration opportunities?


Teen Internships

Have you completed our Teen Innovators program? If so, are you interested in going even further with your maker skill sets by working with a mentor at KID Museum on a specifically designed project?


About KID Museum

KID Museum gives kids access to real tools and challenges them to address real-world problems with imagination and heart. Whether experimenting with electronics and robotics, developing an invention to protect the planet, or exploring cultures from around the globe, KID Museum empowers kids to become the creative problem-solvers and changemakers of tomorrow.


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