After-School Programs

KID Museum’s after-school programs are multi-week sessions offered Mondays-Thursdays, and led by our professional Maker Educators. Participants will get hands-on experiences that spark their creativity, while gaining skills in coding, robotics, woodworking, textiles, and more.

Winter 2019: January 7 – March 14

Grade Levels
K – 1st, 2nd – 4th, 5th – 7th

$330 members
$370 nonmembers

Session Length
10 weeks

KinderMakers: 4:30 – 5:30pm
All other programs: 4:30 – 6:00pm

Mondays, January 7 - March 11

KIDs Code Club | 2nd – 4th grade

Let’s get coding! Learn the basics of computer programming while creating your own animated stories, interactive projects, video games, and robotic structures. We’ll use Scratch and other exciting, age-appropriate programming tools. This after-school session is perfect for beginner and intermediate programmers. Due to holidays, this will be an 8-week session. Members: $260 Nonmembers: $300

Maker Educator: Liza
Class Size: 8


Coding Jam | 5th – 7th grade

Take your coding skills to the next level! We’ll develop your skills across a variety of platforms. Solve design challenges, create games and animations, and build robotic creations using Arduino, LEGO Mindstorms, and Hummingbird robotics. Due to holidays, this will be an 8-week session. Members: $260 Nonmembers: $300

Maker Educator: Dania
Class Size: 8


Tuesdays, January 8 - March 12

Maker Mania (NEW projects!) | 2nd – 4th grade

Let’s get making! Dive into everything KID Museum has to offer—use power tools in the woodshop, learn to code using Scratch, design an object for 3D printing, sew your own bag, and create a sketchbook. You’ll get certified in all four of our Maker Studios (Woodshop, Fab Lab, Textiles, and Electronics), unlocking access to our weekend Open Build sessions.

Maker Educator: Lila
Class Size: 8


3D Design Challenges | 5th – 7th grade

Use 3D modeling to solve real-world problems! Develop skills using programs like TinkerCad, 123D, and Sculptris, then take on design challenges that put your skills to use for practical applications. Create pieces to repair broken objects, inventions to improve everyday life, and more. Each session includes “design” and “build” periods, with prompts given the week before to give makers time to brainstorm ideas.

Maker Educator: Cori
Class Size: 8


Wednesdays, January 9 - March 13

KinderMakers | K – 1st grade

Maker mania for our younger makers! Experience all four of our Maker Studios–Electronics, Textiles, Woodshop, and FabLab–with age-appropirate tools, exploration, and projects. Makers will build skills and get certified in all four studios, unlocking access to our weekend Open Build Sessions.

Maker Educator: Amanda
Class Size: 8


Creative Tech | 2nd – 4th grade

Discover what you can make using creative coding tools like Scratch, Hummingbird Robotics, and Ozobots. Projects combine digital and physical making, including building a robotic petting zoo, taking apart toys to create wearable technology, and more. You’ll get certified in the Electronics and Textiles Maker Studios, unlocking access to our weekend Open Build sessions.

Maker Educator: Lila
Class Size: 8


Machines! | 5th – 7th grade

Explore and build projects using the six simple machines (lever, pulley, etc.). We’ll develop skills in “analog” woodworking, then dive into high-tech tools like the CNC router, laser cutter, and 3D printer. Apply all of these skills as you build a final project of your own design that uses a combination of simple machines to complete a simple task.

Maker Educator: Ram
Class Size: 8


Thursdays, January 10 - March 14

STEAM Makers | 2nd – 4th grade

Let’s bring out the “A” in STEAM! Gain the skills and inspiration you need to add some artistry to your maker projects. Create moving robotic sculptures, “sunprinted” totes or pillows, shadow puppets and a puppet theater, and light-up Carnevale masks.

Maker Educator: Julie
Class Size: 8


Textile Hackers | 5th – 7th grade

Make and innovate your apparel! Use a variety of tools, including needle and thread, a 3D printer, and a laser cutter, to make things like sewn circuits, laser-etched denim, and cross-stitched pendants. We’ll learn about innovative ways textiles are being used today, and explore the process of upcycling to help combat the tons of textiles that end up in landfills.

Maker Educator: Amrit
Class Size: 8


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