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Become a KID Museum Apprentice

By October 15, 2019October 30th, 2019No Comments

If you’ve visited KID Museum on the weekend, you’ve probably interacted with our high school Apprentices. Each year, KID Museum recruits a select group to join its Apprenticeship Program, training them to encourage curiosity, STEM skills, and creative imagination in younger kids as they help run KID Museum programs. Apprentices enjoy the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience while earning SSL hours.

This fall, the Apprenticeship Program got even better with the introduction of two new positions: Studio Assistants and Junior Facilitators.

  • Studio Assistants support the KID Education Team by coming in once a week to prep materials, build circuits, program coding devices, and otherwise set up learning activities for weekend participants. Depending upon their interests, Studio Assistants can either rotate among the various studios or focus on a particular studio to gain a deeper understanding of one technology.
  • Junior Facilitators help organize birthday parties and weekend group visits as adjunct members of the KID Museum staff. Because Junior Facilitators are paid for their time, the work is not eligible for SSL credit — although these students can still volunteer at other times for Apprentice SSL credit.

Studio Assistant and Junior Facilitator roles are open to experienced Apprentices only, with a minimum of one semester prior experience and exemplary record required.

KID Museum is now recruiting new Apprentices for the spring semester. Interested high-schoolers can apply here. Applications are due November 20, with interviews to be held on December 1 and December 8. Key requirements include a desire to work with kids ages 4-14 and an interest in STEM.

Kendra Woodfolk, KID Museum’s Teen Volunteer Coordinator, reports that most Apprentices serve for at least two years, and many stay on throughout high school. “What our Apprentices seem to love most is the feeling that they can have a real impact on younger students,” she explains. “Sometimes it even influences their decision to pursue a career in education. It’s just a great program all around!”