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Did you know that you can make a robot out of a sponge and some markers? How about a musical instrument out of a household dresser? Maker Faires bring together makers from all over to showcase their inventions, crafts and interests. The sponge-bot and musical dresser were some of the fun activities hosted by KID Museum at the National Maker Faire last week, kicking-off a summer of making that for KID Museum will culminate at Maker Faire Silver Spring on September 20th. At the National Maker Faire, which takes place in Washington D.C., KID Museum brought fun activities for kids and families, like building things out of wood and nails and creating kid-made flying machines that could be tested and flown in wind tubes. Other makers at the Faire built paper airplane launchers or instruments out of every-day household items, like dangling kitchen utensils. Even the Little Code Ninja, a mother-son team working to get kids into programming, came all the way from Pennsylvania to visit the National Maker Faire after coming to KID Museum last month. See you September 20th! For more information, see Maker Faire Silver Spring website.