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Apprentice of the Month (February)

By February 27, 2019No Comments

Apprentice of the Month, Bo Rider (pictured center)

Introducing our Apprentice of the Month: Bo!

“Benjamin “Bo” Rider is a great asset to the KID Museum Apprentice program. Every time he comes to the museum he dives head first into whatever assignment he is given—often going above and beyond what has been asked of him. He should have received this award several times over, so we are so happy to be able to honor him this month. Thank you for all of your hard work, Bo!” – Kendra Woodfolk, KID Museum Apprentice Program Coordinator

School: Walt Whitman High School

Apprentice Since: September 2015

Reason for Becoming an Apprentice: Bo wanted to get experience working with kids and adults, as well as in STEM. KID Museum’s Apprentice program was the perfect opportunity to do all of these things.

Favorite Part of Being an Apprentice: Getting to work with his hands and being able to be so creative—and helping other people do the same!

Advice for Apprentices: “Embrace the process of learning and making.” Bo says that there are countless times where he has been working with someone and they have failed together, only to end up with an even stronger idea and final product. “When we embrace challenges and failure, we will be better makers 10 times out of 10.”

Future Plans: Bo plans to study engineering in college, while also exploring political science, urban planning, and/or education. Though he doesn’t know exactly what his career path will be, Bo says he is certainly looking forward to applying what KID has taught him towards his studies and beyond!

KID Museum’s Apprenticeship Program gives high schoolers an opportunity to continue exploring their STEM interests while gaining valuable work experience and earning SSL hours. We are now accepting applications for new Apprentices! Learn more and apply here by March 8: