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This past weekend, families and children from the DMV area gathered at KID for a day of interactive fun, lots of exploration, and a chance for kids to learn from a variety of experts who work in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The idea was to discover what sparked STEM experts to pursue their careers, and for participants to discover their own spark for STEM.

Families were invited to hack motors, take apart toys to see how they work, and invent a contraption to move “this” to “there.” Other activities included “constellation cans,” KIBO robotics, bridge-building, tesla coils, and a gears challenge. We also had a videobooth station where visitors and visiting STEM experts could share their ideas and inspiration. “Sparks” ranged from backyard critter races, museum visits, chemistry sets, and video games, to wondering how things work and a desire to help others.

So many great ideas came out of the event, that we decided to keep the momentum going. Keep your eyes open for our new “What’s Your Spark?” series, where we’ll share inspiration from experts in the field.

Find “What’s Your Spark?” on KID’s twitter and Facebook.