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Unmasking The Self(ie): Mask Making at the World of Montgomery Festival

By October 19, 2015October 20th, 2015No Comments

For centuries, masks have been symbols of artistry, ancestry, culture, and creativity. At the annual World of Montgomery Festival (WOMF) on Oct. 18, attendees celebrated the timeless art of mask making by crafting pieces of their own. Their kaleidoscope creations were designed at the premiere of KID Museum’s installation, “Unmasking The Self(ie): Masks, Culture & Identity.”

Participants made their molded masks using clay, a vacuum-molder, and their favorite adornments of glitter, feathers, bright colors, and more. Inspired by cultures across borders, they could even send their very own mask selfie across cyberspace into KID Museum’s #kidmuseummaskcontest. Dozens of masked culture enthusiasts posed for a selfie for a chance to win a KID Museum family membership.

From New Guinea to Ghana to Brazil, the embellishments of masks are often beyond decorative. The spiritual, ceremonial, and customary practices of a community can be read between every line, twine, and design. With dozens of imaginative helping hands contributing to three giant communal masks, KID Museum symbolized a community of its own where creativity, diversity, and self-expression reign!

By Michelle Byamugisha