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What is a “Thingamajig”? Anything you want it to be! At the YMCA’s annual THINGAMAJIG Invention Convention, kids are encouraged to be creative and explore all things STEM.  The convention’s organizers aspire for every child to walk away realizing that the sciences are, in fact, fun and part of our everyday experiences. At the July 23 convention, KID Museum joined hundreds of other local organizations to provide opportunities to learn, play and be inspired by STEM and to spark the inventive, creative minds of children through a wide variety of hands-on workshops, challenges and exhibits.

KID museum brought along a Flying Creation Station, where kids could build flying machines and test them out in wind tunnels to see what makes an aerodynamic machine and what doesn’t – and then how to optimize them for flight. There was also a Spongebot station, where kids built simple robots and learned about how motors and circuits work to make a robot built out of cut up pool noodles and pipe cleaners come to life!  For more information about THINGAMAJIG, including a highlight video see