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Super KIDs

By August 25, 2016December 15th, 2016No Comments

One day, 24 mild-mannered children came to KID Museum. It’s there that they were transformed, from ordinary citizens into superheros. There was Invisibility Girl, who can turn invisible to scare bad guys, and Captain Copyright (“when someone steals someone’s work, I go out and catch them”).

Our superheros sewed armbands that lit up with “supersonic light” when they flicked their wrists, and molded masks that reflected their characters. For example, the superhero “Awesome & Weird” designed a mask that was open on one side to delineate between his two distinct personas.

Insignias were designed on 3D printers, and capes were made, as varying in design as the superheros themselves. One boy decided that he would be a “villain who can do anything.” Another, who was outfitting himself in blue, said that his hero didn’t have a particular power. Rather, he said, “it’s a super version of myself.”

You can be a Super KID too! Super KIDs Daily Camp will be offered during Winter Break, on Tuesday, December 27. Find out more about this camp and other Winter Daily Camps