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Spotlight: The National Maker Faire

By June 20, 2016No Comments

From 3D printing to soldering stations, the National Maker Faire was full of  opportunities for people of all ages to learn from – and be inspired by – makers of all types.

As a kickoff for the National Week of Making, the Faire serves as an outlet to bring makers together with the general public. It’s a platform for them to demonstrate their creations, showcase new technology, and, just as importantly, teach people what new and innovative things can be done with simple materials.

KID Museum’s exhibit at the Faire, “Pipe Dream,”  gave kids a chance to exercise their creativity and imaginations, and also have a blast playing with huge pipes and colored balls. “This is one of [my son’s] favorite things to do – just construct large, easy to handle pieces of things and put them together,” one parent said at the “Pipe Dream” exhibit. “It’s a nice interactive experience for kids of all ages.”

KID Museum will be hosting a slew of activities at the museum during National Week of Making, including special Father’s Day activities that highlight maker fun for parents and kids to do together. On Wednesday, kids can take part in Maker Intensives, a deep-dive into soldering, woodworking, or Arduino (registration is required). For KID Museum, it’s never just a week of making, it’s year-round making at our Davis Library site. And of course, our Maker Faire Silver Spring is right around the corner, in Silver Spring on September 25.