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Punk’s not dead, they’ve just traded electric guitars for soldering irons. This Sunday was Punk Rock Day at KID Museum, featuring Punk-inspired maker projects and performances by three local kid Punk bands: Lucid Dream, ORNJ, and Selfish Sunday. The Bands played original songs and covers of bands such as the White Stripes, AWOLNATION, and Rage Against the Machines. Musicians and spectators alike crafted handmade Punk wear from blank T shirts, baseball hats, bobby pins and chains.
The Punk Rock scene has always had a DIY mentality in everything from publicity to onstage aesthetic. They recorded and mixed their own music with cheap, commercial tape recorders and vinyl pressing plants in the eighties and with GarageBand and YouTube today. That maker mindset could be be found Sunday at KID Museum, as visitors got into the Punk spirit and enjoyed the music.