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Presenting the InventEd Field Guide

By June 25, 2021No Comments

At this pivotal moment in education, we have the opportunity to reimagine learning as never before. We know that the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic are not enough to prepare kids for the future; kids need to be creative problem-solvers, tech-competent, and capable of communicating and collaborating across diverse teams. That doesn’t happen through textbook learning alone. Kids learn these skills by doing, exploring, collaborating, and creating.

At KID Museum, we teach these skills through maker education. Like maker education, Invention Education fosters an inventor’s mindset, prioritizes teamwork, and embraces diverse perspectives. Both maker education and Invention Education give kids the skills they need to succeed, both in the classroom and in the future workforce.

Maker and invention learning are more likely to achieve scale when the community endorses, supports, and invests in it. This requires advocacy from a variety of stakeholders to build passion and engagement.

To help our community advocate effectively and promote Invention Education opportunities, KID Museum partnered with Nation of Makers, with the support of The Lemelson Foundation, to create the InventEd Field Guide.

This comprehensive resource provides data, stories, key messages, as well as practical strategies to build momentum and promote opportunities for all learners. We invite you to join us!