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Out from Behind the Shadows: KID’s FIRST LEGO League

By January 23, 2017No Comments

FIRST LEGO League Competitions evaluate not only a team’s final project, but the teamwork that got them there. KID Museum’s second FLL team took top honors in this category, winning second place for Core Values.

Shadow Ice, led by KID Educator Liza Manfred, is made up of nine 4th-6th graders. The team worked hard to become a cohesive unit, learning from each other in order to develop the next great idea.

Their project itself dove into the issue of dead zones and pollution in the Chesapeake, creating a program of student education and awareness about the importance of oysters in the Bay. By protecting baby oysters through fun activities, there could be more oysters to naturally filter the water, decreasing the amount of pollution.

As part of the day-long competition, the team was tasked with building a water balloon tower on-site. What wowed the judges, along with their building skills, was their teamwork and ability to work cohesively as a group. By encouraging friendly competition and acknowledging that “our coaches and mentors don’t have all the answers,” Shadow Ice proved that there are many ways to be winner.

Maya Chessen