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Over 1,300 people came out today to meet the new KID on the block. At KID Museum’s Grand Opening, children and their families could see (and hear and touch) all that the museum has to offer.

Visitors quickly realized that this was a new kind of museum. Instead of looking, kids were building, playing, and experiencing. A young boy and his father connected circuits to power a fan and light up a bulb. Kids of all ages designed flying machines out of paper cups and pipe cleaners—and had a great time flying them in wind tubes.

There was a rapidly growing army of Draw Bots scribbling wildly around a table. Visitors hammed it up in a high-tech photo booth. Surprisingly melodious music came from kid-generated electronics at the Beat Station. And, across the open workshop-like space, a screen displayed an ever shifting ‘painting’ that echoed the movements of kids in a light projector.

With so many things to explore, it’s a good thing we didn’t have to choose. We did it all. And we’re going to do it again—next weekend.

Stay tuned to the KID Museum blog for more pics from our opening day weekend, including the pictures from our popular photo booth!