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Team Roar

New Documentary Short Highlights TEAM R.O.A.R.’s Partnership with KID

By May 10, 2016May 19th, 2016No Comments

Every other Thursday, smiling fifth grade basketball stars enter KID Museum’s doors eager to learn. These kids participate in TEAM R.O.A.R., a basketball team and educational program for socio-economically disadvantaged youth. KID’s partnership with TEAM R.O.A.R. gives them the opportunity to do STEM-related activities that they wouldn’t normally see inside a classroom.

For two years, TEAM R.O.A.R. has come to KID to program, 3D print, and build. The problem solving they do here complements TEAM R.O.A.R.’s EXCELerated Curriculum in math, science, and technology. It sure pays off! Last year, many of the fourth graders who started the program learning on a fourth grade level ended the year on a sixth grade level.

Recently, Docs in Progress came to KID to highlight these bright young kids. Watch the documentary below to learn about how kids in TEAM R.O.A.R. were impacted by bi-monthly trips to KID Museum.

Learn more about TEAM R.O.A.R. and Docs in Progress.

Jamie Gleklen