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KIDtalks at KIDfest: Dr. Crystal Icenhour

By July 30, 2018September 15th, 2018No Comments

What does the future face of STEM look like? We think it looks a lot like Dr. Crystal Icenhour—but not just because she is a female change-maker in biotechnology. We invited Dr. Icenhour to be one of our featured KIDtalks speakers at KIDfest because she has the mind of a maker. It is her unique combination of technical skills and perseverance that has prompted her and her team to solve a major puzzle in infectious disease testing.

Dr. Icenhour is the founder and CEO of Aperiomics, a precision infection testing company at the intersection of high tech and biotech. Aperiomics is the first and only company identifying every known bacteria, DNA virus, parasite, and fungus in one test. This technology is transforming infectious disease diagnostics, saving lives, and fulfilling Dr. Icenhour’s mission to “change everything about how infections are tested.”

At KID Museum, we challenge kids to prototype their solutions to the problems they see in the world around them. Dr. Icenhour is the embodiment of what happens when you incubate a prototype, bridge the worlds of science and business, and ultimately, launch an invention that saves lives. We know her KIDtalk will be inspiring for all of the budding innovators and problem solvers in our community.

Dr. Crystal Icenhour’s KIDtalk is scheduled for 1:30pm on September 23 at KIDfest in the Silver Spring Civic Center. Learn more at