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Meet the KIDfest Sponsor & Exhibitor: Pella Windows & Doors

By August 22, 2018No Comments

We like to think of KIDfest as a window to the future, which is why we’re thrilled to have Pella Windows & Doors as a sponsor and exhibitor. Not only are they contributing to our mission of providing maker-based STEM learning opportunities to all children across the region, but they are also bringing festival-goers a hands-on science experience with heated glass. Attendees of all ages will be able to touch glass samples to feel and observe how much heat is being generated through each one, and understand different heating and cooling effects on glass.

When we asked the Pella team what they are looking forward to at KIDfest, it was clear that they are just as excited as we are about the next generation of innovators: “We’re eager to see all the fabulous innovations from the young to the older makers. Seeing what our youth can imagine–and then create–provides opportunities for our team to connect…”

Pella also hopes to reveal more about its own culture of innovation: “Pella Windows is much more than a large glass object you peer out of when waking up in the morning. Our Pella community is always looking for innovative ideas and solutions to make homes and lives more simplified yet efficient. From different types of glass, to motorized shades and blinds, Pella continues to innovate the world of windows and doors to match our growing community.”

KIDfest is Sunday, September 23, 12pm – 5pm at One Veterans Plaza in downtown Silver Spring, MD. Learn more at