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Kiddovate joined our camp roster for the week, collaborating with KID Museum to bring campers through the innovator’s journey. Kids came up with a problem (for example, candy is bad for your teeth), made a plan, and then got to work prototyping an invention that would solve that problem (candy that’s good for your teeth).

Using KID Museum’s tools and resources, campers were able to experiment with different materials and ideas; finding what worked, and adjusting what didn’t. They learned hands-on skills like how to solder, drill, and launch air-pressure rockets, while collaborating, learning from their mistakes, and innovating.

Innovations included a self-soothing bracelet to calm down bullies, a vacuum that can suck up and store important items, an idea helmet to store and stimulate ideas–and, of course, cavity-healing candy.

Read Kiddovate’s blog about the week here.