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Mother's Dayspecial event

KID in the Park

By May 16, 2016June 2nd, 2016No Comments

KID Museum took maker fun to the park on Mother’s Day. We lucked out, as it was the first warm, sunny day we had in weeks. Wheaton Regional Park was bustling, filled with families anxious to get some sunshine, have a barbeque, and spend the afternoon with mom. We had our tents set up near the carousel, perfect for parents and excited children to make something fun after a ride.

We had three activities: the Pachinko board, make your own paper rocket, and make your own paper airplane. The Pachinko board captivated kids of all ages as they worked together to move the golf ball down the peg board. 

The kids were also enthralled by the paper rockets. Not only could they create and decorate their own rockets, but they could also launch them high in the air. We filled each rocket with a scoop of purple Holi Powder. After each lift off, there was a purple plumb of grape scented dust followed by squeals of delight.

At the paper airplane station, we had two launchers shaped like giant wooden crossbows, with places for the airplanes to sit like arrows. Both children and parents folded their own airplanes, quick to make adjustments to ensure the most efficient aerodynamics, and competed to see who could launch their airplane the farthest.

KID in the Park was made possible with funding by the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, and in collaboration with the Montgomery County Recreation Department. Thanks to them, we all, facilitators and visitors alike, had a fantastic time in the sun–playing, creating, and showing our gratitude for mothers everywhere.

Michelle Johnson