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Every year in India and all around the world, people come together to celebrate Uttarayan. The festival of Uttarayan celebrates the movement from winter to spring. Skies fill with colorful kites from before dawn to after dark. To celebrate this event, KID Museum held a Fighter Kite Workshop and invited dancers from the Natananjali School of Dance to perform traditional Uttayaran dances. Visitors enjoyed building their own custom Uttarayan fighter kites,Patang, with help from master kite builder, Tom Humphrey. Dancing with elegance and precision, dancers from the Natananjali School of Dance were a joy to watch. The Natananjali dancers wore beautiful red, yellow, and blue dresses and had bells on their ankles. The South Indian classical dances performed were Bharatanatyam and Garba. KID Museum visitors were even able to learn a few dance moves from the dancers afterwards. Our mini Uttarayan celebration was a success!

Natananjali School of Dance Performs at KID