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Computer Science Education Week at KID

Sunday, December 10, 2023 | 10 AM - 4 PM

Get ready for a special day of exploring coding and computer science at KID Museum!

Computer science is infused in all aspects of today’s world – and is a basic building block for creative problem solving. Come to KID to explore how you can use coding and computer science to make inventions of your own design come to life.

Our Sunday December 10 celebration shines a light on computer science and inspires kids to learn more about the ways it is changing the world.

Get tickets now and join us for a coding, technology, and fun-filled day!


KID Museum is committed to providing equitable opportunities for youth to engage in computer science education year-round through a wide variety of programs and deep learning experiences.

Click here to learn more about CSEdWeek.

Special Activities

Virtual Explorer

Navigate a virtual KID Museum and play mini-games to discover the power of block coding.

A-MAZE-ing Robotics

Dive into the world of coding using VEX Robotics and challenge yourself to code your robot through an obstacle course.


Practice your block coding to direct a friend as if they were your own personal robot.

Pom Pom Code Collector

Code a mini robot to collect as many pom poms as possible.

Binary Beat

Build a song from scratch with binary code in a sneak peek of our latest exhibit.

Digital Inclusion

Learn how you can get free internet access and a device through the Maryland Affordability Connectivity Program.

DIY Activities

Explore #CSEdWeek at home by trying some of our DIY Activities over at the digital Maker Playground.