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Latinx Heritage

It’s Latinx or Hispanic Heritage Month and what a great opportunity to get making and learning about Latinx culture, exploring ways to combat stereotypes and racism. Here you can learn how to make tortillas, spread your own anti-hate message through making, and create some music mash-ups.

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speaking out against hate

all ages

Explore Latinx activists and their causes.



cultural spotlight: reggaeton music

middle school

Learn about the origins of Reggaeton music.



cultural spotlight: mexican cuisine

all ages

Discover the cultural importance and origins of corn and the corn tortilla.



bringing people together

3rd grade+

Combat hate using the engineering design process.



Latinx Innovators

From ancient civilizations like the Mayans who contributed such important inventions as chocolate and the number zero, to business leaders, artists, and inventors of today, Latinx people have made major contributions in every field. Check out these examples of amazing Latinx innovators who have paved the way in the arts, STEM, politics, and more!

Grab a friend or family member, or come play on your own!
Maker Playground projects are geared for elementary through middle school kids and rotate each month,
e sure to visit us again to see what’s new.

This Maker Playground experience was designed in partnership with: The Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Nickelodeon.

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