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computer animation | all ages

Computer animation has changed the world of cartoons. Try your hand at creating your own short animation!


Animation is a way to turn still pictures into moving videos. For many years, this was all done by hand. Now computer animation allows artists and animators to make their creations without lifting pencil and paper.

Pixar Animation Studios has been a pioneer in computer animation, innovating new ways to create beautiful animated movies. In Brave, Merida’s hair alone required the experimentation and creativity of many talented animators. Learn more in this video, and check out this comparison of Toy Story and Toy Story 4 to see how much Pixar animation has changed in the last 25 years.

Explore Monster Mash to create your own animated creature! Be sure to click the blue help button in the top right corner and watch some tips to get your started!

How does animation work?


Animation allows us to use technology to bring our ideas to life. Use animation to create a unique character and tell a story.

  • What kind of character will you create? Will you animate something or someone you know or use your imagination?
  • What story will your animation tell?
  • What kind of animation will you use? Computer animation? Stop motion?

Need more inspiration? Check out some of these award winning animated short films:


Once you have your character and its story, it’s time to animate! If you want to make a stop motion video, try Stop Motion Studio. For computer animation, consider using Scratch, an online programming tool. Check out this Scratch Basics explainer to get started.

Younger makers should check out Scratch Jr., a visual coding app for K-2nd grade.

When you’re finished with your animation, we would love to see it! Send it to us at!