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KID Museum's FutureFest

Be a part of the DC region’s dynamic family festival celebrating our power to build a better future! On Sunday, September 15, KID Museum’s FutureFest will feature experiential STEAM learning, cutting-edge innovations, and an exploration of the diverse world cultures of our community, to inspire kids and adults alike.

Enjoy hands-on activities, interactive exhibits and demos, and live performances — and see how, together, we can invent the future.

FutureFest merges two beloved festivals, KIDfest and the World of Montgomery Festival. This free community event supports KID Museum‘s mission to empower the next generation of creative and compassionate change-makers.

Explore the Future of...

Work & Play

Work & Play

Explore new developments in game design, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and 3D printing.

Learning & Discovery

Learning & Discovery

From the classroom to life in outer space, experience the future of learning and discovery in the 21st century.

Health & Well Being

Health & Well-being

Get a glimpse of the future of biotech, as well as the latest in wearable technology and personal health devices.

Future Cities & Transportation

Cities & Transportation

Electric vehicles, self-driving cars, hyperfast trains, drone deliveries–what will cities of the future look like?

Food & Sustainable Living

Food & Sustainable Living

From urban farming to plant-based living–how will we continue to reduce our carbon footprint and protect life on this planet?

Culture & Identity

Culture & Identity

Our world has never been more interconnected. Explore the many cultures that shape our community.

What to expect


Explore. Build. Play. From STEM to arts and culture and beyond.

Outdoor Stage

Enjoy music and cultural performances, interviews, and more.

Coding at FutureFest

Jam and program: you’ll find a variety of fun coding activities for all skill levels.

KID Museum

Discover the power of KID Museum’s hands-on, maker-based learning experiences that build skills for the future.

Full Program

Stay tuned for the 2019 program!

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