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A robot that makes pancakes and does homework, legos that can be used to build a real place, a capacitor machine that can tell you the dimensions of any object, and all kinds of cars–these were just some of the ideas buzzing around Toy 2.0 Idea Lab on Saturday, April 25 to kick off Toy 2.0 Challenge. Hundreds of local kids worked with artists and inventors at different stations to brainstorm toy ideas.

Bob Mimlitch, co-founder and CTO of Innovation First International (creators of HEXBUGS® and VEX), discussed tips and tricks to create the best toys. According to Mr. Mimlitch, the best toys are the ones that are always fun to play with and have new ways to play with them. He also gave insights on the toy design process and how design entries will be judged. VEX Robotics teams then showed off the skills of their robots as they went robot-to-robot in a block stacking challenge.

Toy 2.0 Idea Lab kicked off Toy 2.0 Challenge, a toy design contest for kids ages 10 – 18 sponsored by KID Museum and Innovation First International. The winning design could end up in toy stores across the country! Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three finalists, and royalties will be granted for any design that goes to market. To learn more about the Toy 2.0 challenge and how to submit design ideas, visit Toy 2.0 guidelines on our website.

Maker Studio Wednesdays at KID is a great time to come in and work on your idea. Maker educators will be on hand to help you with tools, materials, and equipment, and the wood shop and 3D lab will be open. During regular museum hours on Saturdays and Sundays, toy-making stations will remain open throughout the month, with days to work in the wood shop and 3D printing lab.