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The Future of Transportation

By October 10, 2019No Comments

What will transportation look like in the future? We can imagine electric vehicles, self-driving cars, and high-speed rail, but what about all the new technologies we have yet to discover? As global population rises and urban congestion increases, we will need to find new ways to move people efficiently, sustainably, and safely.

Come to Future of Transportation Day at KID on Sunday, October 20, and learn to think like an engineer, scientist, or designer who tackles these kinds of challenges!

  • Use sensors, “smart paints,” and energy harvesting devices to design “smart roads” for Ozobot robots and construct aerodynamic vehicles powered by pneumatic tubes.
  • Design suspension and cable-style bridges using cardboard, string, and popsicle sticks.
  • Learn about magnetic levitation rail technology and build “maglev” vehicles out of cardboard, hot glue, and magnets.
  • Brainstorm ideas and design prototypes for reducing traffic in our own region.

Special thanks to Central Japan Railway Company (JR-Central) for sponsoring this special family day! The company will exhibit models of miniature maglev trains, demonstrate floating magnets that with super-conduction effects, and present videos of Japanese super high-speed bullet trains in action — like the Chuo Shinkansen train scheduled to debut in 2027 at speeds of up to 311 mph.

According to Masahiro Kumamoto, manager of JR-Central’s Washington, DC office, “We are excited to have Future of Transportation Day at KID Museum and hope lots of MCPS kids enjoy this event!”