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When the third grade class from Bullis School walked into KID Museum this week, they weren’t sure of what to expect. But once they got started, they knew they were going to enjoy it. On the docket for the day was Draw Bots, Creative Coding, Circuit Boards, and Beat Club.

The class was divided into four groups, with 20 minutes at each station. Sitting at the computers in Creative Coding, kids designed their own characters and animated them with Scratch programming. They made all sorts of creatures: talking baseballs, spinning monkeys, and jumping alien creatures.

In the Beat Club room, students used electronic tools to change their voices, create drum beats, and make different sound effects. Once they learned how to use the equipment, they put it all together to make an unusual– but surprisingly melodic–symphony.

Over at the Draw Bot table, kids built robots out of plastic cups and markers, learning how to make them off-balance so they’d dance and draw. And at the next table, they discovered how to power buzzers, lights, and fans by clipping and linking wires to make circuits.

At the end of their visit, KID Museum staff asked the kids what they most enjoyed. The answer? Everything. And what would they want changed? Overwhelmingly, the students from Bullis wanted more–more time, and the chance to try more activities.

Luckily, they’re scheduled to come back. Thank you, Bullis Students! See you soon!