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Meet the Inventor: Jacob Oshinsky

By May 11, 2016June 1st, 2016No Comments

Meet Jacob Oshinsky, an 11-year-old KID Museum regular. After school and on weekends, you can find him working on his 3D prints in the Fab Lab. He even had his birthday party here. To Jacob, no project is too big of a task. He has 3D printed everything from armor to a helicopter. KID interviewed Jacob to learn more about one of KID’s biggest fans.

KID: Why do you love KID Museum?

Jacob: I love KID Museum because it’s a place where I can create, learn, and play. Also, if I need help with something, like if I want to design a car with moving wheels and I am not sure about something, KID Museum teachers will explain it to me in a way that I can really understand, better than any video could.

KID: If you could teach your own workshop at KID, what would it be?

Jacob: I would want to teach “Print and Design an Object to do Something in Real Life.”

KID: What is the coolest thing you have made here?

Jacob: The coolest thing I have made is probably my shoulder armor, which I 3D printed.

KID: What do you want to 3D print in the future?

Jacob: In the future I would like to print a 3D posable robot (mech) and a model car with moving wheels, which I am designing now.

Jamie Gleklen