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Last Saturday, we saw what happens when a group of kids come together for a cause.

As the first in KID Museum’s series, KIDs Make a Difference, a group of local fifth graders raised money to send children from an impoverished community in Manila to school. The group, called Kids Can International, held a paint-a-thon at the museum. The idea was that participants would purchase a canvas — money that would go directly to Young Focus (, an organization that connects children with schools. All participants would have to do is paint.

And paint they did! Kids Can exceeded their goal within the first hour. Here we have it in their own words:

Hi! We want to thank everybody who came to the paint-a-thon to help support children living in a poor slum community in Manila, Philippines to go to school.  Our goal was to send two kids, Moises (age 10) and Mary Jane (age 14) to school for one year (costing $720). Thanks to everyone who donated money or came and painted, we raised $1,800 which can send 5 kids to school for a year – or Moises and Mary Jane for more than a year!  Our paint-a-thon was a great success!  We six girls had so much fun organizing the event.  We worked over 3 months planning it and all of it paid off!

Sofia, Tara, Caroline, Julia, Grace & Raquel of Kids Can International