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Post by Madison Than, KID Museum Student Apprentice

In honor of  Computer Science Education Week, I joined with tens of millions of students around the world to take part in an Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is an opportunity for students of any age and experience level to take part in fun, interactive computer programming activities.

I had been introduced to coding through my apprenticeship at KID Museum in Montgomery County, MD. Within a matter of months, I was invited to visit the White House for the Kid’s Hackathon alongside colleagues from the KID Museum, Google, and While at the White House, I had the opportunity to teach educators how to use Scratch and Lego Education’s WeDo program, and shared ideas for incorporating coding into their curriculum.

Coding is a great way to practice trial and error, experimentation, curiosity, and grit. You can just play around with things and be creative.

My advice to coding-newcomers is to try it by yourself and experiment. Coding seems scary but it’s really logical.