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Conductive thread? Check. LED light? Check. Lithium battery? Check. During the E-Textile Toy workshop, KID visitors were able to sew these materials onto a felt doll cutout to create a light up plush toy with the help of thread master, Libby.

To make sure their battery and LED light were working, visitors placed the battery in between the LED light prongs. Doing so allowed the LED light to light up, which many of the kids were excited to see. Then began the sewing! Visitors sewed their conductive thread through their felt toy piece and attached the battery using a battery case. The conductive thread was used to connect the LED light to the battery case, while normal thread was used to stitch the toy together. Libby’s upbeat attitude kept the kids and parents engaged throughout the workshop. Once all pieces were in place, the toys were stuffed with cotton to make them plush and sewed closed. When the hands of the plush toy snap together, the LED light turns on and brings the toy to life! Our Toy Textile Workshop was very hands on and allowed visitors to learn about conductive energy and how to sew together a light up plush toy.

We would also like to extend a BIG thank you to the Brothers Sewing Machine for kindly donating time to fix up our antique sewing machine!