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At our Chinese New Year Celebration, KID visitors got on the dance floor and learned some moves from the dancers of Graceful Postures & Dance. Then, they practiced their jabs on a cushioned board and learned how to do a proper high kick when a Kung Fu expert from DC’s Moy Vat Ving Tsun Club took the stage with a Martial Arts demonstration. Visitors also made Lucky Red Envelopes and Dragon Puppets out of colorful tissue paper. Dragons danced in the air using sticks attached to the dragon.

In a Hip-Hop Caps workshop, attendees stylized their own hats as they listened to some Hip-Hop jams. Kids concentrated on making sure that all their hat accessories were perfectly positioned. Hats showed off the creativity of workshop attendees through lots of color and bling. All of the hats were unique and definitely eye-catching.

A giant Table Zither was also in the making on the KID Museum floor as part of Open Explore. With screwdrivers in hand, visitors screwed the Zither strings in place along two pieces of wood attached to a table. A variety of recycled items were placed under a few strings to create different acoustics. Once all the strings were in place, the Zither was ready to be played! Visitors strummed the strings with their hands and created other beats using sticks and mini bows.