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Proven Impact

Preparing our kids to invent the future with research-based and measurable programming.

KID Museum is preparing our youth to become the creative, compassionate leaders of tomorrow. Our evidence-based programming reaches 55,000 people each year with hands-on learning that sparks creativity and builds 21st century skills. Critical thinking, perseverance, confidence… we’re building the skills that are critical to success in an ever-changing economy.

We measure program impact using a range of assessment tools that capture the unique experience of students as makers: student surveys, parent surveys, field observations, project rubrics, and interviews. We use that data to design the most innovative and effective programming, and to reach more kids from all backgrounds.

Harvard's PEAR Institute

Using the Common Instrument Suite (CIS) developed by the PEAR Institute: Partnerships in Education and Resilience at Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital, we found that students who engage in KID’s invention programs report increases in science interest, science enjoyment, and interest in STEM careers. They also report significant increases in 21st century skills, far exceeding other STEM enrichment programs nationwide.

PEAR Institute Study Highlights

The impact of our Invention Studio and Invention Basecamp programs are measured by a student survey developed at The PEAR Institute: Partnerships in Education and Resilience at Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital. Students in our invention programs experience multi-session workshops, where they gain skills in coding, fabrication, and engineering, and then work with their peers to create an “invention” of their own design.

Students surveyed were in grades 6 – 8. Seventy-five percent of students were non-native English speakers, 30.4% were African-American, 24.6% were Latino, and 50% were girls.

92.8% increased interest in STEM
79.7% increased interest in a science career
76.8% increased enjoyment in STEM

90% increased critical thinking skills
90% increased quality of relationships with peers
83% increased perseverance (persistence in work and problem-solving despite obstacles)

Parent Survey

94% of parents surveyed about KID Museum’s after-school programs and summer camps felt positively about their child’s experience. Most reported that our after-school programs significantly increased their child’s curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, as well as an overall excitement for STEM.

Parent Survey Highlights

Summer Camp Results:
Curiosity – 91% of parents felt the camp supported that outcome
Creativity – 88%
Critical thinking – 84%
Excitement for STEM – 75%

After-School Program Results:
Curiosity – 100%
Creativity – 86%
Critical Thinking – 95%

More sure of himself in terms of problem solving. And a real interest in just coming up with ideas and trying to make them at home.

Whenever she sees something made of wood, she is thinking of the making process of it.

He is more confident and more willing to tackle challenges.

We’ve seen more confidence, which we are thrilled about.

She has more comfort and curiosity about electronics.

General excitement and happy mood that carried throughout the day.

[This experience] encouraged her to make new things.