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Mexican Day of the Dead at KID Museum

Saturday, October 22  11:00am – 4:00pm

Mexico’s Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is celebrated as a joyous and colorful festival. Join KID Museum, in partnership with the Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington DC and the Embassy of Mexico, for a spirited day of traditional and creative activities for children and adults to enjoy together. Scroll down to see all the activities we have in store. 

Sugar Skulls  (Calaveritas de Azúcar )
Sugar Skulls are made during Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration to capture the colorful spirit of deceased loved ones. Create and decorate your own sugar skulls to take home with you. Ages 7 & up. $10 members; $12 nonmembers. 1:00 REGISTER & 3:00 REGISTER

Free with museum admission:

Marigold Paper Flowers
Marigold flowers are used to decorate graves and altars during the Day of the Dead. According to Mexican tradition, the vibrant color and scent of the marigolds will guide spirits toward their altars. Create your own flower using crepe paper.

Cardboard Calaca
Calacas are papier mache skeletons. Mexican tradition is to dress up the skeletons in vibrant colors and pose them playing instruments, dancing, eating, or in a variety of poses. Using cardboard and paper pins, create your own calacas and pose them how you like.

Papel Picado
Papel picado is a traditional Mexican folk art using tissue paper designs. Common themes used for papel picado include florals, birds, and skeletons. The papel picado is traditionally made by hand and is used to decorate altars.

Block Printing Art
Artist David Dybiec will teach Mexican block printing art using styrofoam plates and ink.

Loteria Game
Try this Mexican take on Bingo. Instead of using letters and numbers, Loteria uses colorful images to fill your card.

Calavera Design: Community Skull Mural
Take part in a Mexican tradition by making your mark on a giant, communal mandala skull (calavera).