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maker playground

the art of stem | 3rd grade+

This activity will challenge you to put the A in STE-A-M. Discover how women scientists and engineers use the arts to communicate the beauty and power of STEM, and use art to tell a STEM story of your own.


Who says scientists can’t be artists, too? Some STEM professionals dedicate their entire careers to devising creative ways of sharing scientific knowledge with others. Some combine STEM with the arts to develop amazing creative projects like video games, AR experiences, and performances. Still others combine their passion for STEM with their artistic interests to make unique, beautiful, and scientific projects.

Check out how Beata Mierzwa, a molecular biologist focused on cancer research, uses images of the cells she studies to create beautiful fashion pieces.

Watch Dr. Arlyne Simon, a biologist, patented inventor, and children’s book author read her book, Abby Invents Unbreakable Crayons.

Catie Cuan combines her love of robotics and dance in her career as a robot choreographer. Hear from Catie about why it is important to study and improve how robots move.

Watch this video to learn about how Yamilée Toussaint-Beach combines technology with dance to create awe-inspiring performances.


Communicating ideas is a vital component of all STEM fields. One of the best ways to communicate ideas is through telling stories.

What is a STEM story that inspires you? Maybe it’s the story of a historical figure like Marie Curie or Ada Lovelace.

Or maybe you’re inspired by the stories of animals, like the journey of a tiny baby sea turtle defying the odds to reach the ocean.

Perhaps you watched the landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars.

Choose a STEM story amazes you, then use art to share that story with others.

  • What kind of project will you create?
  • What materials and skills will you use?
  • How does your art connect your concept with your audience?

Ana Maria Porras showcases her crocheted microbes in educational posts and videos on her bilingual instagram.

There’s also Jaye Gardiner, who uses creative writing and illustrations to create graphic novels that explain complex science to non-scientists. Read more about her work here.


How will you choose to tell your STEM story? Is there a special art form close to your heart? How do you like to express yourself?

Here are some ideas:

  • Create stories using words and pictures, like Dr. Arlyne Simon or Jaye Gardiner
  • Use maker skills to create artistic models, like Ana Maria Porras’ crochet microbes
  • Design a high tech performance like Caty Cuan or Yamilee Toussaint-Beach
  • Produce a video using iMovie or TikTok
  • Make an animation using Scratch, Toontastic, or Stop Motion Studio

Stop motion animation is one great way to tell stories, and there are so many cool techniques to try! Our tutorial videos can help get you started.

Don’t forget to share your story with KID Museum. Email your work to along with your first name, age, and a description of your project. We might feature your work on our website or social media page!