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Designed for elementary school students

KID Inventors is a comprehensive, multi-visit program for second through fifth graders that includes field trips to KID Museum, in-class curriculum, and teacher professional development support. Students engage in a robust engineering design process that allows them to develop technical skills in the context of inventing solutions to real-world problems.

This program is aligned with both Next Generation Science Standards and key Common Core State Math Standards, and can be integrated into a science class or enrichment setting.

KID Museum’s unique model leverages maker learning, integrating STEM and project-based learning with creative problem-solving and social-emotional learning. Students build skills related to scientific inquiry, computational thinking, design, coding, and technology, while developing agency and confidence as learners.

The program is typically delivered once a week over 10 weeks. However, schools are able to adjust the timing over a shorter or longer period, based upon their scheduling needs. The experience includes:

  • four field trips to KID Museum: two hours each, up to 50 students at a time; also may be offered as a full-day experience;
  • six in-class lessons at school: 45 minutes each, delivered by a teacher; and
  • up to four hours of professional development training and support for teachers.

If you have any questions, please email 

“Our children’s growth and success absolutely take an entire community.”

– Dr. Monifa McKnight, Superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools


“I love that I can work with my friends, come up with different ideas, and talk about science.”

― MCPS 3rd grade KID Inventors student


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