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Digital Quilt-Making:
Coding and Community Art Project

December 20, 2020 - January 3, 2021

Over Winter Break, contribute to a community digital quilt, while learning how to code!

This winter break, we’re launching a maker project for everyone to enjoy. Learn about coding and digital design, as you create art through code. Using free online software called TurtleArt, KID Museum educators will show you how to use coding blocks to draw your artwork. 

Young makers can explore creating with simple shapes and colors, while more advanced makers can incorporate mathematical concepts to create complex and beautiful works of art. 

Make it a family activity! Create as many art squares as you like, and share them with us by January 3, 2021. Then, enjoy seeing your work published online as part of a larger, digital community quilt!

Below you will find links to the TurtleArt software, Skills Videos for beginner, intermediate, and advanced designs, and a variety of examples to help you get started.

Check out our Digital Quilt from Thanksgiving 2020 for additional inspiration.

Get started with Turtle Art!


Submissions open Dec. 20.



Join us our Digital Quilt-Making: Coding and Community Art Project.

New submission deadline: January 3, 2021.

Skill Videos

New to coding and TurtleArt? Here are Skill Videos to help you understand the basics.

Turtle Art Skills 1: Introduction to TurtleArt
Get to know the TurtleArt Platform and start creating simple shapes.
Level: Beginner

Turtle Art Skills 2: Repeat
Learn to use repeat blocks to streamline your code.
Level: Beginner

Turtle Art Skills 3: Pen Size and Color
Change the size and color of your turtle’s drawings.
Level: Beginner

Turtle Art Skills 4: Arcs
Use arcs to create curved lines and beautiful patterns.
Level: Intermediate

Turtle Art Skills 5: Random
Use the random block to add some chances into your projects.
Level: Intermediate

Turtle Art Skills 6: Defining Procedures
Create your own blocks that you can then use in your code.
Level: Advanced

Turtle Art Skill 7: Variables
Learn how variables can help you create more complex TurtleArt projects.
Level: Advanced

Project Starters

If you need some inspiration for designing your squares, here are a few Project Starter templates to follow and remix.

Other Helpful Links

Want to learn even more about TurtleArt? Check out these resources:

Questions? Email us at