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Bulgaria Day

Sunday, November 3

10:00am – 5:00pm

Join KID Museum and Botev Academy Bulgarian School in celebrating Bulgaria Day through creative, hands-on projects, performances, and food. Enjoy making a scary Kukeri mask, building a traditional Bulgarian house, learning cross stitch patterns, and more! Performances will revolve around November’s Bulgarian Revival Day and its celebration of the “National Hero.”

Purchase day-of at the front desk:
General Admission: $12 (includes 1 child and 2 adults)
KID Museum Members: FREE

Note: Jennifer Joy Vold will provide ASL interpretation from 11am to 2pm as we celebrate Bulgaria Day at KID Museum.

All-Day Activities (included with admission)

Community Art Project – Pyrogravure
Pyrogravure is a style of art popular in Bulgaria. It’s the free-hand art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks from the controlled application of a heated object. Help us complete our Bulgarian-inspired pyrogravure using a pyrography pen woodburning tool.

Cardboard Kukeri Mask
Kukeri is a Bulgarian folk-tradition where men and women dress in scary costumes to scare off the evil spirits. Typical costumes include a furry giant’s mask with big horns and teeth. Make your own Kukeri mask out of cardboard, and find creative ways to make it scary!

Bulgarian Cross Stitch
Cross stitching is an important design element in Bulgarian folk art. Common patterns are characterized by the repeated use of geometrical patterns. Learn about the basic technique of cross stitching, and add your own stitches to our communal project!

Bulgarian Traditional House
Bulgarian traditional houses have a distinctive design: The first floor is often designed to be more narrow than the higher floors. Build a miniature model of a Bulgarian house out of cardboard and popsicle sticks, then tackle some tricky architectural design challenges. For example, can you make the house stable without it toppling over?

Kalpak Hat
The Kalpak is a hat with a high-crowned shape worn by men in Bulgaria and other Balkan countries. Sew your own Kalpak out of felt or scrap fabric.

Bulgarian Alphabet
Bulgarian is written in a Cyrillic alphabet similar to Greek. Become familiar with the letters, then create your own name tag using Cyrillic lettering.

Try on Bulgarian Clothing
Dress up in traditional Bulgarian clothing. Then use the magic of green screen technology to pose in front of a virtual Bulgarian landscape or cityscape to create your own “tourist photo”!

Take a Robotic Journey Around Bulgaria
Plan a trip around Bulgaria with our interactive robotic map feature. Program miniature robots called Ozobots to travel from landmark to landmark across a giant map of the country.

Performances & Food

Arrive hungry and enjoy delicious Bulgarian delicacies, such as kyufteta (Bulgarian meatballs), kebapcheta (kebabs) and sarmi (stuffed cabbage). Food will be served by Balkanik Taste food truck.

Join Botev Academy for:

  • Interactive Presentation (11:30 AM & 2:30 PM)
  • Poetry Reading (2:00 PM)
  • Dance performances (12:00 AM & 3:00 PM)