Every Kid a Maker

Support the Next Generation of Innovators

KID Museum brings powerful maker opportunities to children across our region. Our programming promotes STEM and cultural learning, as well as creativity, persistence, resourcefulness, and collaboration — skills essential to a child’s success.

Too many children still do not have access to these important opportunities. With your support, we can bring science, technology, and culture to life for ALL children, inspiring them to become the next generation of creative, confident and compassionate leaders.

As an independent, nonprofit organization, KID Museum relies on our community of donors and partners. Your contributions help provide innovative learning experiences to children throughout the year.

Proud to be recognized by the Catalogue for Philanthropy and the United Way of the National Capital Area (#9071).


Your support is essential to reaching our goal of every kid a maker.

Access: Provide free or discounted programs to low-income families.

Innovation: Purchase state-of-the-art equipment, and create new, engaging programs.

Growth: Support bringing our programs to scale, expanding our reach across the region.

Examples of what your support can provide: $25 – Provides museum passes to two families in need. $50 – Stocks the KID Museum toolbox with gadgets & robotics toys. $100 – Provides one child with a 6-hour invention workshop experience. $500 – Covers a week-long camp scholarship for a child in need. $1,000 – Sponsors development of a new weekend workshop. $2,500 – Supports 25 middle schoolers to participate in our 6-hour invention workshop series. $5,000 – Supplies KID Museum with new equipment, from laptops to laser cutters. $10,000 – Provides seed funding for a new program for teachers to create their own maker education initiatives.

Growing with your support…


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School Partnerships

KID Museum is excited to partner with schools that share our passion for inspiring creativity and hands-on learning. Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities based on your school’s individual needs and interests. See our list of school partners.

Examples of School Partnership Benefits

  •  A special one-day program at KID Museum (e.g., Robotics Day at KID Museum sponsored by your school).
  • Recognition at the Museum and its signature events, like KIDfest.
  • Recognition on the Museum’s website and social media platforms.
  • Your school name included on the Museum’s sponsor wall.
  • Priority scheduling for field trips.
  • Complimentary tickets to special events throughout the year.
  • 20% off admission for all families from your school on one designated day.
  • Donation of one family membership ($225 value) for your school auction

Corporate Partnerships

Partner with KID Museum to connect with the community and help the next generation develop the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities that meet your company’s objectives. See our list of corporate partners.

Examples of Corporate Partnership Benefits

Recognition in external marketing and public relations campaigns.
Recognition at KID Museum.
  • Recognition on the Museum’s website and social media platforms.
  • Company presence at the annual KIDfest in Silver Spring.
  • Customized corporate social responsibility and volunteer opportunities.
Exclusive access opportunities for you and your employees.
  • Discounts on KID Museum programs, birthday parties and family memberships.

During my 12 years of teaching, I have been on many field trips. The KID Museum was BY FAR the best one yet. My kids were all engaged and enjoying themselves.


If a student said, 'I want to make this,' the KID team's response was never no. It was, 'How can we support you?'

Middle School Teacher

KID helped me expand outward. It's really shaped how I interact with other people, and I see that happening with younger kids I work with now through the Coding Corps.

High School Student

KID Museum is a place where your ideas can come to life.


Dear KID Museum Staff, I wanted to thank you for making me realize I wanted to be an engineer. I love working with wires and I love working with machines and love to try and figure problems out. We had so much fun.

5th Grader

Our classes visited the KID museum last year and it was by far our favorite field trip we have ever done! As soon as we sat down to plan some trips for the year, we immediately all agreed that we wanted to come back!

Elementary School Teacher