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Zambia Day

Saturday, March 25,  10:00am – 5:00pm

Discover Kuomboka, the Zambian rainy-season ceremony, with hands-on activities for the whole family: build a Nalikwanda boat with our 3D printers, use a scroll saw to create an elephant puzzle, make a Lozi hat, try on traditional dress, and more.

Kuomboka’s literal translation is “to get out of water.” This traditional ceremony, held in the rainy season, marks the migration of the Litunga (the Lozi Tribe’s king) from the floodplains of Zambezi to the Limulunga higher plains. The Litunga travels for hours in a large barge paddled by hundreds of Lozi men. To celebrate Kuomboka, this migration is recreated with large, wooden boats decorated with elephant statues.

Zambia day was created in partnership with The Embassy of the Republic of Zambia.
See below for a full run-down of activities.

Paid Workshop

3D Printed Nalikwanda Boat
Design a 3D-printed miniature Nalikwanda, a barge with a large elephant figure on top. Use Tinkercad, a kid-friendly 3D design tool to create your own boat. Your creation will be available for pick-up within two weeks. Ages 8+
$14 members; $16 nonmembers (+$8 museum admission)

Register   March 25, 11:00

Register  March 25, 1:30

Free with Admission

Food Tasting: Nshima
Have a taste of Nshima, a Zambian food staple made out of maize flour and water, usually served with a variety of relishes and sauces.  First come, first served.
Starting 3:00

Kuomboka Story & Music
Enjoy the ceremonial music traditionally played during Kuomboka.
12:00 & 2:00

Egret Figurine
The egret is a symbol of the queenship for the Lozi tribe. Design your own egret, and then use a scroll saw to give it shape.

Elephant Cardboard Puzzle
Elephants are a symbol of kingship. Use cardboard and scroll saws to build your own elephant puzzle to take home.

Lozi Hats
A symbol of bravery, the Lozi hat is a bright red beret, often decorated with feathers. Use felt to create your own beret in a variety of colors.

Traditional Musisi Dress
The Musisi was originally the Lozi traditional dress, but is now worn by the people of 72 different tribes in Zambia, as a symbol of unity. Made of cotton or silk, the Musisi is worn at important events, and is passed on from one generation to the next. Try on a Musisi for yourself!

DIY Nalikwanda
Use everyday materials to create your own Nalikwanda, a special barge used during the Kuomboka ceremony.