Weekend Workshop Series

4-Week Sessions
Saturdays, April 22 - May 13
Sundays, April 23 - May 14

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Saturdays, April 22 - May 13

Raspberry Pi and Python Robotics
5th – 8th grade

Design, construct, and program a custom robot! Create your robot using a Raspberry Pi circuit board computer, Python programming language, power circuit components, and Technics building sets. No prior experience necessary.
$180 members; $200 nonmembers

Optional material cost: $95  (If you’d like to bring your project home at the end of the class, it is necessary to purchase the Raspberry Pi.)

Sundays, April 23 - May 14

Sound Machines
2nd – 4th grade

Explore sound in fun and creative ways. Design and build your own motorized sound-making devices using wire, wood, and motors; collaborate on a junk sound sculpture; and enjoy learning about, listening to, playing, and recording sound. Gain experience with drills, saws, hammers, and other hand tools.
$120 members; $140 nonmembers

Oscillators that Rock
5th – 7th grade

Rock out with an oscillator and circuits. Fashion a mechanical oscillator out of soda can tabs hooked up to batteries and speakers. Construct sound-producing circuits on solder-less breadboards, and learn to solder. By the end, you’ll have built a functioning instrument to take home.
$120 members; $140 nonmembers


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