Spring Break Daily Camps 2018

Discover what you can make over Spring Break!

Travel around the world with special effects, compete in the robot olympics, and help invent the future. KID Museum’s Spring Break Daily Camps build skills in engineering, filmmaking, robotics, 3D design and more. Attend one day, or attend them all!


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March 26

2nd – 4th Grade | Green Screen Magic

Visit the world’s most famous landmarks using green screen technology and stop motion animation. Design, draw, and animate your favorite landmark. Then travel around the world via a magic carpet ride (and some green screen magic).

5th – 7th Grade | Maker Studio Camp: Woodshop & Textiles

Cut and stitch, saw and sand. Take a deep dive into two of our most popular studios, woodshop and textiles. Half of the day will be spent learning and practicing foundational skills and procedures. The second half of the day, campers will use these skills to design and create their own multimedia projects.

March 27

2nd – 4th Grade | Space KIDs

Blast off! Make your own intergalactic exploration helmet, design and launch rockets, and whip up some glowing galaxy slime.

5th – 7th Grade | Analog Robots

Kick it old school and build an analog robot. Use analog circuitry, cardboard, coroplast and plywood to build a kinetic anthropomorphic robot. Students will learn basic electronics skills, delve into design, engineering and fabrication, and learn how to use scroll saws and various fasteners to cut and connect materials.

March 28

2nd – 4th Grade | Maker Jr.

Design and build with electronic circuits, create a 3D-printed object, hone your woodworking skills with drills and saws, and learn how to hand stitch. You’ll earn Maker Jr. certification in four of our studios: Electronics, Fab Lab, Woodshop and Textiles, giving you access to our Open Build sessions during the weekends.

5th – 7th Grade | Putt Putt Golf Design

Work in teams to design and build your own hole of mini-golf. We’ll put all of our creations together to make one big course, with plenty of time to play a round or two!

March 29

2nd – 4th Grade | Jurassic KIDs

Drill deep into the world of dinosaurs through making: create a live dinosaur habitat, make fossil casts and skeletons, and build a lumberyard dino.

5th – 7th Grade | Service Camp

In this service-oriented camp, use your maker skills to create gifts for the Children’s Inn, make pet toys and blankets for the Humane Society, and build eco-friendly bee houses. Sixth and seventh-graders may receive SSL hours for completing this camp.

March 30

2nd – 4th Grade | Robot Olympics

Use different robotics kits to complete a series of building and programming challenges. Program a robot to carry a load from one location to another, learn about mechanisms by building your own “robotic” grabber, and so much more!

5th – 7th Grade | Invent the Future Combo

In this special Invention Basecamp offering, gain fundamentals in both Design & Engineering and Electronics & Coding. Invention Basecamp is a set of skill-building workshops preparing students for the Invent the Future Challenge. Whether you are participating in the Challenge this year or not, come develop your invention-making skills.