Invention Basecamp

Learn how to turn your ideas into inventions with our Invention Basecamp skill-building workshops. Choose to focus on (1) Electronics & Coding, (2) Design & Engineering, or a combination of the two. These workshops are specifically for middle schoolers (grades 6 – 8).
Please note: Participants must be present at the first session in order to continue with the series. The first session provides foundational skills and content needed to proceed. We currently cannot offer make-up sessions, refunds or credits.

Electronics & Coding

Introduction to electronics and computer programming using Arduino – a small but powerful microcontroller that is commonly used to build new technology. Students use written code to instruct the Arduino to read inputs (a switch, a motion sensor, a keyboard) and change that information into outputs (turning on a light, a motor, or an alarm). Students learn foundations in Arduino-powered computer programming, using written code to control electronic inputs and outputs.

VISIT 1: Electronics and Intro to Arduino
VISIT 2: Arduino Outputs
VISIT 3: Arduino Inputs

February 25, March 4 & March 11


Design & Engineering

Students learn a variety of essential design skills through the engineering process, practicing how to take their own idea from a concept to a physical object. Using industry-level materials and equipment, students build their ideas into functional inventions.

VISIT 1: Intro to Design and Woodshop
VISIT 2: Power Tools and Fabrication
VISIT 3: 3D Design

February 24, March 3 & March 10