Invent the Future Challenge Summit

Thanks for joining us for the 2021 Challenge Summit! Check out the replay and list of winners below.
We'll see you next year!

2021 Award Winners

Idea Award

  • Pollution Grabber, White Oak Middle School
  • Chesapeake Bay Watershed Health, Roberto W. Clemente Middle School
  • Contaminated Soil Solidifier, Roberto W. Clemente Middle School
  • Cotton Fiber Alternative, White Oak Middle School

Process Award

  • Air Pollution Eradicator 2000, White Oak Middle School
  • Micro-Alert, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School
  • BTP: Biodegradable Tree Planter, Sligo Middle School
  • Oil Spill, Neelsville Middle School

Presentation Award

  • Modular Tiered Agriculture System, Roberto W. Clemente Middle School
  • Water Purifier (Water Collector & Cleaner – WCC), Neelsville Middle School
  • Saving Nemo, Helping Dory, North Bethesda Middle School
  • pH Auto Solution Tester Appliance, Gaithersburg Middle School
  • Microplastic Robot, Roberto W. Clemente Middle School

Pepco Sustainability Award

  • Breeze Energy, Herbert Hoover Middle School

Innovative Technology Award

  • Fire Drone, Takoma Park Middle School

Local Changemaker Award

  • Chesapeake Bay Dam Project, Rosa Parks Middle School

Persistence Award

  • Xtreme Firefighters, Francis Scott Key Middle School

Social Impact Award

  • Solar Distillation Household Device, Roberto W. Clemente Middle School

Innovation in 2020 Award

  • Hand Washing Timer/Detector, Shady Grove Middle School

Power to the People Award

  • Animal Free, Sligo Middle School

Mind of a Maker Award

  • BioEarth, Argyle Middle School

2019 Award Winners


  • Argyle Middle School: The Trashulizer 3000
  • Herbert Hoover Middle School: Safe B Plastics
  • Multi-School Team: Detection and mitigation of aflatoxin in crops
  • Sidwell Friends School: The Throw and Grow Cup


  • Argyle Middle School: Nurd Nechs, Inc.
  • Herbert Hoover Middle School: Tri-Disposable Cup
  • Robert Frost Middle School: Saltwater Purification
  • Silver Spring International Middle School: Design Nation


  • Earl B. Wood Middle School: Inventors 101
  • Neelsville Middle School: Wind Powered Oven
  • Roberto Clemente Middle School: Ultrasonic Algae Shark
  • White Oak Middle School: Garden of the Future

Judges’ Choice

  • Benjamin Banneker Middle School: Alternative Transportation
  • Newport Mill Middle School: Ground-Effect Vehicle
  • Sligo Middle School: Dam/Water Filter
  • Team Tech Ninjas: Smart Gardener Watering System