Arduino Materials Starter Kit

Arduino is an open-source electronics program that uses beginner hardware and software. The Arduino board is a microcontroller that you can program using Arduino software.

This kit has a basic set of Arduino materials, including a board, wires, and various inputs and outputs. You do not need to use all of these materials to build a project! However, with these materials, you can pursue a wide variety of problems and solutions. Additionally, Invent the Future Challenge Solutions do NOT require an electronics component–using these specific materials is optional.

There is a large open-source community around Arduino! If you are looking for tutorials, troubleshooting tips, or inspiration, you could explore some of these websites: | |

Use the listed cost of each item to estimate the cost of your invention. Remember: Each team can spend no more than $60 on their prototype! Your kit will contain the following:

1 Arduino Board and Cable

1 Breadboard

80 Jumper Cables

3 Photoresistors

10 330 Ohm Resistors (Orange Orange Brown)

10 10K Ohm Resistors (Brown Black Orange)

20 LED’s (assorted colors)

5 Tri-color LED’s

4 Push Buttons

1 Piezo Buzzer

1 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

1 DHT Temperature/Humidity Sensor

1 Servo Motor

1 Potentiometer

1 USB Drive

1 Solar Panel

1 USB outlet (to plug Arduino into a power source)

Note: Before using the DHT sensor, make sure that the following libraries are installed on your computer:

DHT Sensor Library by Adafruit
This library can be found by clicking Sketch → Include Library → Manage Libraries. Type DHT in the search bar and when the library shows up, click on it, then click Install.

Adafruit Sensor Master
This library can be downloaded at Click Clone or download, then Download ZIP. Place the downloaded folder into the Arduino libraries folder on your computer.

You might also be interested in seeking out the following components:
– PIR Motion Sensor
– Soil Moisture Sensor
– Hall Effect Sensor
– 5V DC Stepper Motor With ULN2003 Driver Board