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What is the Invent the Future Program?

The Invent the Future program is one of the region’s largest maker challenges integrating science, technology, engineering, and design. KID Museum brings together hundreds of middle school students, families, educators, and community members to invent solutions to the question:

What will you make to improve life on this planet?

Through the process of designing their own inventions, students learn to innovate, solve problems, gain confidence, engender compassion, and work with others — all skills for future success.

How you can participate

Invent the Future is a true community collaboration between KID Museum, schools, local businesses, local government, and STEM professionals who serve as mentors and judges. Be a part of this inspiring program — and make a difference in the lives of middle school students, and our community as a whole.


Find out how you can form a team and support your students throughout the program.


Students & Families

Find out all you need to know about Invent the Future!



We’re looking for like-minded organizations to be sponsors, judges, and volunteers.


The future is in your hands!

Experience the impact of KID Museum’s Invent the Future program through the eyes of four middle school students and their team leader.

Invent the Future Celebration

June 3, 2023

In the coming year, 2,000 students will go through the process of designing their own inventions. They will learn to innovate, solve problems, and collaborate with others — all skills they’ll need to one day invent the future.

Join us to celebrate the amazing achievements of these student inventors.


Invent the Future Summits: 2019 & 2022
Photo Credit: Edwin Remsberg Photography

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The Invent the Future program was made possible by KID Museum’s groundbreaking partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools. Invent the Future is open to all middle schools across the DC Metro region.