Professional Development

Teachers, why should your students have all the fun? Work with KID Museum to gain the skills, resources, and inspiration you need to bring maker learning to your classrooms!

KID Museum’s evidence-based, maker learning programs promote creative problem-solving and a sense of agency as students take risks, work through failures, and pursue their passions.

KID Museum offers the following professional development opportunities, which can be facilitated for small groups or as larger staff-wide workshops.

Gain practical knowledge and skills in our core content areas like electronics, coding, robotics, woodworking, and 3D design and fabrication. Skill-building workshops are all designed and led by KID Museum’s professional Maker Educators.

Learn facilitation strategies and techniques for integrating maker-based learning activities into the classroom. KID Museum’s Maker Educators work with groups of teachers to build confidence and develop an integration plan suited to the needs of the school or classroom. Topics include Design Thinking, Making in Early Childhood, Maker Carts, and more.

Work with the KID Museum team to create a vision for introducing or expanding maker learning at your school, whether through a dedicated makerspace, in classrooms, or through school-wide initiatives

To learn more and get started with a program for your teachers, please contact